5 common misconceptions about continuing professional development

Whilst most accredited bodies will have differing rules they are all have similar core principles for gaining CPD of maintaining competence and professional ethics. Making your targets does not have to be hard, but you do need to know the facts about what you can and can’t do.

  1. I don’t need to plan my CPD
    Of course you do, planning is the number one core principle of learning. You need to ensure training fits in with your needs and also with your company’s requirements.
  2. CPD is not required if I am on a career break or long term sick
    Not necessarily, some certification bodies may require completion of some CPD points, although usually a lower amount of hours. Most will expect that you will be up-to-date with any industry changes. Check the certification body that you are qualified with for full details of their requirements.
  3. All training will count towards my CPD
    Not all training, it has to be relevant to your role otherwise it will not count towards your CPD. Some activities will count as structured and some as unstructured. Some training that you take may be useful for you personally but not count to your CPD total.
  4. The certificate of attending is all I need
    No, as well as evidence of CPD training you are also required to prove the course is relevant to your job role. You must also keep a record of non-verifiable unstructured learning as well as keep records of why the activity was chosen.
  5. I have to attend face-to-face courses t complete my CPD
    Wrong, although face-to-face courses are a valid way to earn CPD points you can also complete reading or on-line training, in fact any training can be classed as CPD so it is worthwhile taking advantage of the many types of training methods.

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