CPD – 3 managers’ tips for effective employee training

It is a fact that a major part of your job as a manager is employee training, so much so that it is essential function that helps to provide motivation for your staff.

No matter how small or large your team it will be necessary to provide regular and effective training to your employees, to teach them how to perform in their roles and to meet the objectives and goals of the company.

  1. Understand your training responsibilities.

    To get the most of your team and to aid them to optimal performance you have to provide more than just work procedure instructions, you must coach and train your team members for them to produce their best. Even if you have a training team at your company you must be involved in selection of the training or courses available.

    It is your responsibility as a manager to ensure your employees understand their job and have the skills required for them to complete their work. This means finding the correct training to ensure your team members are up to date with company policies and industry standards and ensuring it is made available staff members that require it.
  2. Ongoing employee skill development

    For training to be effective employee skill development must be an ongoing process that requires managers to participate in all ongoing skill developments. Training needs analysis should be undertaken for employees to identify strengths and weaknesses and areas where training is required.

    When training course has been completed it is important to get the staff member to reflect on the training and you should take measures to ensure that the employee has fully mastered the training objectives. Be open to feedback on training and offer further coaching and training as necessary.
  3. Get employee “buy-in”

    To ensure employee training is successful, trainees must know how any training activity they are required to take is relevant to them. Well planned training should fit the company’s goals but should also be relevant to the employees job role. Employees will gain more from the training if they can understand what they get out of it.

    Avoid forcing staff members into training that they don’t want to do or is not applicable for their job role, employees are much more likely to be engaged with learning new skills if they can see how it directly effects their job and that they can apply what they have learnt on the job.

Horizon CPD provides the tools to effectively plan and record training objectives for your employees and provides the means for your employees to reflect on that training and to provide feedback.

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