The top 10 benefits of staff training

Continuing Professional Development

Many accountants will belong to professional bodies that require completion of continuing professional development (CPD) activities to remain as a member. What are he best ways of making the most of these learning opportunities?

  1. Keeping up-to-date with industry change
    All industries change and it is important that your staff are aware of these changes and how they impact on their day-to-day job, regular ongoing training will keep their skills current and their knowledge relevant.
  2. Stay ahead of competitors
    Standing still is very bad for business, by continually training staff your employees will always be advancing their skills, keeping competitive within your market sector.
  3. Better customer service
    Customers want to speak with people who know what they are talking about, by having highly trained staff the customer will receive an excellent impression of your company.
  4. Retaining knowledge
    Continuous training for your staff helps to retain knowledge within your company. By providing mentoring from senior staff to more junior members, knowledge that is already in the company can be passed at low cost, a provide cross training through out your company allowing employees to be used when and where required.
  5. Job satisfaction
    Job training is motivational for employees and keeps your staff happy within their job. Very few members of staff will want to be doing the same thing over and over again, by learning new skills and putting them into practice, their job satisfaction will increase.
  6. Staff retention
    It is well known that employees that experience high job satisfaction are likely to stay longer than those that are not happy. Training is also a proven method to increase staff retention as shows a willingness for the company to invest in it’s staff.
  7. Job promotions
    With new skills employees’ become available to utilise in higher positions through internal promotions, cutting the costs and risks associated with interviewing external applicants for the position.
  8. Attracting new talent
    When new talent is required, training is something that most people now look for in a job. Most will be looking for career progression, with training considered to be a necessary perk.
  9. Improved workplace knowledge
    Good training allows staff to complete their job better, more efficiently and with greater accuracy. This brings benefits all round, less mistakes at work, happier staff and employees that can share their training with others, improving everyone’s level of skill.
  10. Requirements of accreditation body
    Many careers such as accountancy or law, have accreditation bodies that require membership to provide a level of quality to ensure clients receive and high level of service. As part of the membership process individuals will have to participate in acceptable training courses and to record and prove that they have completed this. This is usually required on an annual basis.

Horizon CPD is an online tool to manage CPD for individuals across your organisation. It has been designed for Accountancy firms and allows individuals to record their CPD progress in a way that meets the needs of their qualification body. It also allows managers to assign training courses and check the progress of their company and individuals within it towards their targets.

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