CPD – What should be recorded

At any point accredited bodies may request to see proof of the CPD your have completed, and how this was valuable training, including how you have used your new skills in practice.

Evidence would include receipts and/or invoices of training courses that you have attended. Keeping accurate records of dates and times of other forms of development are valid forms of evidence. These could be for:

Online courses: Record date and time it was undertaken and the URL of the training. Provide course title and a brief description.

Reading: Date and time spent reading as well as a bibliography of books or web pages and how this knowledge will be helpful in a professional area.

Observation training: Record the date and time and log the activities observed. Record the staff member observed and explain what was learned and how it will be used.

Exams/assessment: Record date and time and keep a copy of any certificates provided.

As all development training has to be valuable, always record how the training will help in your professional area and what you have gained from partaking each activity.

Horizon CPD provides an online CPD logging tool to allow you easily record all training and see how you have improved through out the year.

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